Estate Planning Articles

A Flexible Friend: Published March 2009. Taxation Magazine.

This article introduced the concept of Flexible Reversionary Trusts to professional tax advisers and Solicitors. Flexible Reversionary Trusts, although in use since the early 1990′s, have not received the same level of coverage in either the professional or consumer press as other trusts such as Discounted Gift Trusts and Loan Trusts. In this article, which is aimed at the professional reader rather than consumers, I introduce the Flexible Reversionary Trust concept and contrast the planning with the alternative planning structures such as Discounted Gift Trusts and Loan Trusts.

You can download a pdf of the article here: A flexible friend

An overlooked gem: Published June 2009. The STEP Journal.

This article covers much of the same ground as the Taxation article above, but is aimed at Solicitors and Trustees.

You can download a pdf of the article here: An overlooked gem

Discounted gift trusts and Loan trusts: What your financial adviser doesn’t tell you. Key information for potential investors. Published February 2012.

In this article written for the lay investor I lay bare some of the deficiencies of discounted gift trusts and loan trusts and raise a number of key points that all potential investors in these types of trust should consider. All points remain relevant to this day.

You can download a pdf of the article here: Discounted gift trusts and loan trusts eBook