Remuneration structure

Christian believes that if you require impartial advice you should only seek advice from a fee charging professional. All our services have been fee-based since the company was founded in 2006 and we have never worked on a commission basis. We feel this is the only way to:

  • Ensure we always recommend the most suitable course of action to clients, as we charge fees for our strategic advice, even if this does not require a product or investment transaction.
  • Demonstrate our independence from product providers.
  • Ensure clients can differentiate between our costs and product costs.
  • Ensure that we always recommend the most suitable products to clients, rather than be swayed by commission levels.
  • Access institutional investment funds and products, which have significantly lower costs than standard retail offerings, as they do not pay commission.

We have given much thought to the structure of our fee charging, and it is clear that there is no perfect solution. Our fee structure is designed to be as clear, fair and competitive as possible, with the overriding tenet that our services should provide value for money at all times.

Wherever possible, we charge fees on a project-cost basis for initial financial planning advice and any investment transactions that we implement. Ongoing financial planning advice is included within our annual investment management fee, which is based upon a percentage of the value of assets under management. Future, isolated advisory or implementation work will attract separate project costs.

We feel this system provides the following advantages:

  • The strategic advisory costs are separated from the transactional execution costs.
  • Clients benefit from knowing the costs at outset or as early as possible within the planning process.
  • Fees can be compared to the value added, before you agree give agreement to proceed.
    Clients have the security of knowledge that fees will not escalate out of hand, as they can with hourly time-costed work.
  • Project fees encourage Collins Ward to develop efficient systems to automate time-consuming yet low-skilled procedural tasks.
  • Ongoing investment management, reporting and updating of your financial plan are all included within the annual management fee.

Our fees take into account the complexity of your situation, the range of affairs we are required to advise upon, the time necessary to complete the work, the value of the work and our potential liabilities and regulatory obligations.

Our fee structure is intended to be fully transparent at all times, and we guarantee that there are no hidden costs, fees or earnings that we will not disclose to you.