About Collins Ward

Christian Ward established Collins Ward Capital Management with the following key principles at its heart.


The UK financial services industry, with good reason, is not held in high esteem by the UK populace. Collins Ward is firmly committed to uphold the highest ethical standards in its business dealings. We have no financial links with any third parties and do not accept commissions or incentives. We will never put our own interests above those of our clients.


Collins Ward has provided fully independent and fee-based advice since outset in 2006. However, true independence is more than just independence in the regulatory sense; it requires independence of thought – a sentiment that few wealth management companies seem to share.


Everything about our technical proposition and service structure has been researched and built with the aim of delivering the most suitable estate planning solutions and investment management service to UK private clients. We solely work with UK private clients and if we are not competent to advise on a particular area or solution we will refer you to a specialist.


Strong technical knowledge alone is not sufficient to provide excellent advice. We strive to understand not only your situation and goals, but also your values and aspirations, ensuring that we can confidently provide advice that is tailored to your requirements. We will help you to understand your options and explain our reasoning so that you can exercise your judgement on how best to proceed.

Collins Ward Capital Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority number 453267. You can search the FCA register here.

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